Flying Toekicks™

Attached Toe Kick System
US Patent No. 10190346

Flying Toekicks™
ADA Cabinet
  • ADA cabinets for wheelchair access,

  • waste or recycle bins under counters,

  • rolling cart storage,

  • equipment such as A/V or sump pumps,

  • and more...


"Your dream solution for attached toe kick problems"

ADA Cabinet
ADA Cabinet

FLYING TOEKICKS™ in action - video


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Cost Effective

Save TIME and EXPENSE in engineering, manufacturing and installation.  Simple and straightforward design with no special tools or processes required for installation.  Use in combination with your standard hinges and hardware.  See our installation guide (in the "downloads" page) for more information.

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The low-profile folding toe kick design allows you to meet ADA clearance requirements without  building a wider cabinet.  Integrated spring tension mechanism assists in holding doors fully open, maximizing safety and usability.

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Flying Toekicks™ provides 3-axis adjustability for the toe kick plate allowing you to quickly adjust the plate to the precise position needed.

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Flying Toekicks™ are expressly designed and manufactured to withstand the daily use and abuse typically expected within commercial cabinetry environments.  Also, the low-profile, folding toe kick design results in less exposure to potential damage

and future repair expense.

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Attain an unbeatable standard of attractive design for ADA cabinet toe kicks.  Flying Toekicks™ produce an elegant, appearance not possible with other ADA compliant cabinet toe kick designs.

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Flying Toekicks may be used on left-hand or right-hand cabinet doors, cabinets as narrow as

10 inches wide, toe kick set-backs ranging from

2” up to 3-5/16”, and “overlay” or “inset” toe kick plate designs.  Flying Toekicks can also be incorporated in other exotic design concepts requiring the synchronized movement of

non-coplanar hinged panels.