The Flying Toekicks hardware was invented and developed by a skilled craftsman with more than 30 years experience in high-end, residential and commercial cabinetry and architectural millwork. The inventor has worked with all kinds of cabinetry hardware and he understands how important it is for cabinet hardware to be well thought-out, easily installed, adaptable, and highly adjustable.

The Flying Toekicks system was born from the vacuum of a good attached toe kick method.  The inventor has witnessed many hours of labor being needlessly wasted in the production and application of the traditional, cumbersome and unattractive, attached toe kick practices.

What exactly makes the Flying Toekicks brand attached toe kick system revolutionary?

The Flying Toekicks™ brand attached toe kick hardware installed.

Great-Looking & Functional Results


Flying Toekicks do not need large clearance allowances, back-mitering, or notching to keep them from binding against each other or against any other features on the cabinet.  The two free-swinging ends of the toe kick plates on a two-door cabinet can meet each other in the center with the same tight reveal gap as exists between the doors.

  • Allows the cabinet doors to be opened one-at-a-time or together at the same time without the toe kick plates striking each other.

  • Allows for a neat, clean and tight appearance along the face of the toe kick surface.

  • Produces a very neat, clean, modern and technical appearance to the back-sides of the cabinet doors while they are open. The desire to produce this attractive finished look has been a significant driving force right from the very beginning of the development of this invention. 

Unique Folding Design


The Flying Toekicks have the wonderfully unique quality of folding away below the cabinet door when the door is opened. Special consideration and effort has gone into the development of Flying Toekicks to ensure that the toe kick plates tuck away, to the maximum extent possible, below the cabinet door.

  • This feature helps significantly in protecting the toe kick plates from being damaged which has always been one of the biggest failings of the previously employed method of attaching toe kick plates to the back of cabinet doors.

  • This feature is an extremely significant advantage when the Flying Toekicks are being used to provide wheelchair access to the space within the cabinet. Since the toe kick plates fold away, almost entirely below the cabinet door, the accessibility and safety for mobility-limited persons is maximized to the fullest extent.


An additional unique quality of the Flying Toekicks brand attached toe kick system is its integrated, resiliently-biased, over-center mechanism which uses spring tension within the hardware to actually hold the cabinet door in the fully open position.  When the Flying Toekicks are being used especially for the purpose of providing wheelchair access to the cabinet, this “door-hold-open-effect” maximizes safety and usability for mobility-limited persons.

Fast and Easy Installation

Using Flying Toekicks on your project saves time in engineering resources as there is very little engineering effort required in figuring the correct sizes of the toe kick plates.  In the standard Flying Toekicks application, the toe kick plates are simply the exact same width as the cabinet doors.  If you use cabinetry design and manufacturing software, the Flying Toekicks can be automatically included in the optimization of the cabinet parts without any additional effort from your engineering staff.  The Flying Toekicks are then cut and processed along with all the other parts.  This saves time and time is money!


Using Flying Toekicks also saves hours of shop personnel labor which would otherwise be wasted in the production of the often-employed notched and back-mitered toe kick plate.  This saves time and time is money!

  • The Flying Toekicks themselves are attached to the cabinet using the same hinges and methods which are used to attach the cabinet doors to the cabinet.

  • Aside from the Flying Toekicks hardware itself, there are no additional special hardware or processes required.


The Flying Toekicks brand attached toe kick system has been expressly designed with the installation personnel in mind.  The installation process is exceptionally simple and, once the installer becomes familiar with the hardware, it can be attached very quickly without the need to measure or mark anything.  The Flying Toekicks have  a very simple three-axis adjustability so that they can be easily adjusted into perfect alignment with each other or with other features adjacent to them. This saves time and time is money!

In Summary,


The Flying Toekicks brand attached toe kick system has many advantages:


  • Flying Toekicks save a considerable amount of TIME in engineering, manufacturing and installation. And time is what? MONEY!

  • Flying Toekicks produce an end result which is far less-likely to be damaged and thus helping to prevent repair expenses.


  • Flying Toekicks produce a high, new standard of accessibility in cabinetry designed to be wheelchair-accessible.

  • Flying Toekicks produce a high, new standard of attractive design for cabinetry with attached toe kick plates.

  • Due to the wide-ranging adaptability of the Flying Toekicks hardware, virtually any cabinet design can incorporate Flying Toekicks, including other exotic design concepts requiring the synchronized movement of non-coplanar hinged panels.

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