Everything you need to know to successfully install the Flying Toekicks™ Model 20 or Model 30 hardware.

Product information sheet to include in a submittal package to a client, architect, or designer.

Also useful for your own in-house engineering or purchasing team.

The Set-Back Table shows which model is needed based on the toe kick set-back distance.

Drawings of Flying Toekicks™ hardware to use in your cabinetry drawings

DXF and DWG drawings which may be used in your shop drawings and submittals.

These files can be accessed on Google Drive at the following:

Note - To use Google Drive, you may be required to sign-in to a Google account.

If you prefer, you may email and ask us to send the drawings to you.

Example of a flush gate in a millwork project, such as a reception desk, having multiple non-coplanar surfaces using the Flying Toekicks™ Brand Attached Toe Kick System.

​Example cabinet optimizer software layouts using Flying Toekicks™ hardware.

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