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Models 20 & 30 Specification "Cut-Sheet"

Product information sheet to include in a submittal package to a client, architect, or designer. Also useful for your own in-house engineering and purchasing.

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Models 20 & 30 Installation Instructions

Everything you need to know to successfully install the Flying Toekicks™ Model 20 or Model 30 hardware.


Flying Toekicks™ Set-back Table - Model Selection Guide

Guide for selecting the correct Flying Toekicks™ model based on the measurement from the back of the cabinet door and the face of the toe kick plate. Please keep in mind that it's not a serious problem if you accidentally order the incorrect model. Models 20 and 30 can be easily converted back and forth from one to other. Please see the "Conversion Video" in the Video Gallery.


Flying Toekicks™ hardware in a multi-panel application

Flying Toekicks™ can be used to synchronize several non-coplanar panels.

Please also view the video about this in the Video Gallery.

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