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Model Sizes

Flying Toekicks™  are offered in two model sizes to cover most typical toe kick set-back dimensions.

DEFINITION OF SET-BACK DISTANCE – Set-back is measured from the BACK of the cabinet door to the FACE of the toe kick plate and assumes a toe kick plate thickness of approximately ¾”.  For toe kick plates being thicker than ¾” the upper and lower range numbers are reduced accordingly.  Please refer to the "Model Selection Set-Back Table" for more information.

One single Flying Toekicks™ device is for One Cabinet Door with One Attached Toe Kick Plate.

Buy Two Flying Toekicks™ devices for a cabinet with Two Doors and Two Attached Toe Kick Plates.

Flying Toekicks™ Model 20 

For toe kick setbacks measuring 2” to 2-5/8” (51 mm to 67 mm).

Flying Toekicks™ Model 30

For toe kick setbacks measuring 2-5/8” to 3-5/16” (67 mm to 84 mm).

​For a detailed installation guides and specifications, please see our "Documentation" page.

Alternative Uses for Flying Toekicks™ Hardware

In addition to the standard attached toe kick application it was originally designed for, Flying Toekicks hardware is adaptable for use in a variety of other fine millwork projects as well.  Creative and modern designs that were previously too complex or impractical can now be constructed easily with truly functional results.  For example, multiple non-coplanar surfaces can be linked together to form a visually-striking three-dimensional door or gate that folds flat when opened, reavealing a full-clearance passageway.  Potential applications include reception desks, paneled walls, displays, and many more.


                Multi-planar door or millwork gate


The Flying Toekicks™ Attached Toe Kick System can be applied to virtually any system of non-coplanar panels which fit within the operational parameters of the hardware. One example, shown here, is a door or gate in a millwork project consisting of four non-coplanar surfaces (and having four different hinge axis) which are all sychronized to move together.

Alt Uses
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