Flying Toekicks™ Model 40


Flying Toekicks™ Model 40 - For toe kick set-backs measuring 3-1/4” (82 mm) to 4-3/8” (112 mm).

Flying Toekicks™ Brand Attached Toe Kick System Hardware, U.S. Pat. No. 10190346


NOTE: The original Model 35 has been renamed to Model 40


Model 40 – for toe kick set-backs measuring 3-1/4” (82 mm) to 4-3/8” (112 mm).


DEFINTION OF SET-BACK DISTANCE – Set-back is measured from the BACK of the cabinet door to the FACE of the toe kick plate and assumes a toe kick plate thickness of approximately ¾”.  For toe kick plates which are not ¾” thick, the upper and lower range numbers will vary accordingly.  Please refer to the set-back table for more information.


Application - Ordering one (1) Flying Toekicks™ device is for one door with one toe kick. If you are outfitting a cabinet with two doors and two toe kicks, you will need to order two (2) Flying Toekicks™ devices.


What's Included? - Each Flying Toekicks™ device includes (4) 5mm x 9/16" phillips-drive varianta screws and (2) #8x5/8" phillips-drive pan-head screws.

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